Pattern Options

We are happy to select a pattern for you based off of your theme as we have over 5,000 patterns in stock to select from for your quilt.

If you feel more comfortable selecting a pattern yourself, please visit either of the two sites below.  Both Urban Elementz and Munnich Design offer vast libraries of quilting patterns made by both company owners and other designers in the field.  Patterns offered on their sites are not designed by Woodland Quiltworks®. We have purchased and used patterns from both companies for many years with great success.

Once you have selected the pattern you desire, please provide us the details for the quilt pattern.  We will pay for and absorb all expenses for purchasing desired patterns from the designers or vendors if we do not already have the patterns in stock.

Woodland Quiltworks® does offer custom designing of quilt patterns and embroidery for use on your project.  Please contact us for details if you are in need of a pattern designed by us from scratch for either line quilting or machine embroidery.  Both digital and freehand designs are available options for completing your quilt.

Urban Elementz

Munnich Design