Woodland Quiltworks™

Steve was born and raised in Annapolis, Maryland. His mechanical career background sparked curiosity years ago when he discovered the world of computerized needlework.  He quickly emerged himself into the world of textiles and sewing machinery.  After several years he has amassed quite a sewing machine collection, ranking in the top 5 of US collectors.  Steve takes pride that none of his collection is stored in out buildings or storage lockers.  He is very versed in sewing machine identification and machine company history.

Steve is Woodland’s certified machine technician in addition to hardware and computer specialist. He has been trained directly by Loes and Theo van der Heijden of the Netherlands, the creators and developers of Art & Stitch Plus. He has also been trained by Ray White and received certification for sewing machine service and repair.

When accused of being the culprit of his wife’s quilting addiction, he is quickly reminded of his fondness for treadles and hand cranks. Steve just laughs and asks if everyone has seen the newest gadget or notion before offering restoration advice, machine dating or technical assistance.