About Us

Woodland Quiltworks®, LLC strives to make your work shine in the best way possible.  We use a combination of vintage and modern day machines depending on the task at hand and what will allow us to provide the best result possible for your tailored project.  Our machines range from 1856 to modern day state-of-the-art computerized machines with software and a variety of CAD programs to aid in design and precision stitching processes.  Digitized design and pattern work is completed on a Cintique 24 for maximum stitch visibility and precision stitch placement.  Mac and PC platforms are both supported.

We have been sewing and crafting professionally for almost a decade although a lifetime has been spent making goods and perfecting a variety of skills and techniques using many mediums.  Mediums span a variety of fabrics, threads, yarns, leather goods and others.  We are among the top 5 vintage machine collectors in the US and actively use the machines in our collection.  The collection ranges from children’s toy machines to specialty industrials.  Our vintage machine niche is in the Bonnaz universal feed machines and where our hearts go first due to their endless ability for creativity.  When it comes to vintage machines each type and model played a very important part in development and history.  Therefore, we do not limit our scope.  Everything related to sewing, textiles, fibers or the like is important no matter the brand, style, or country of manufacture.  They each played a huge role in where we are today!

View how we take pride in extreme details.  The video on the right demonstrates how freehand quilting changed each section of fabric!  We were thrilled to add this to our list of award winning quilts we have completed for others.

Machine servicing and repair is completed by a certified technician.  Your machine never leaves our possession or gets shipped off to an undisclosed location for a stranger to remedy.  We take pride in competing everything we do for you from start to finish.

Woodland offers you the unique service of pick-up and drop off services to meet your schedule with flexible hours.

Every step of the way we will be here to assist you with your project or answering questions that arise on your sewing journey.  To make sure we offer maximum availability at your fingertips we have a Facebook Page, Facebook groups and Instagram accounts to answer any questions.  Of course we are always available by phone, 507-884-1858 or e-mail, info@woodlandquiltworks.com as well.  You can find us easily by searching our business on Google.

Founder & CEO

Sara Chilstrom-Wood Founder & CEO

Woodland’s founder, primary quilter, designer, and educator. She has studied under many popular sewing and quilting experts. Sara’s work is now displayed in homes and public venues all over the world.

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Certified Machine Tech & CTO

Steve Wood Certified Machine Tech & CTO

Steve is Woodland’s certified machine technician in addition to hardware and computer specialist. He has been trained directly by Loes and Theo van der Heijden of the Netherlands, the creators and developers of Art & Stitch Plus. He has also been trained by Ray White.

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